Manifestation is the ability to hold, focus and direct our creative energies into form. In general, most people tend to disperse their creative energies - their life force - because they have not been taught that these energies are the key to manifesting their dreams and heart's desires. In order to manifest, we must be able to hold those creative energies in the vessel of our body until, with our intention, focus and direction, we send them out to create something we desire. For those that are not used to the feeling in their bodies that the build up of these energies generates. It can get intense, and so they seek to disperse the energy, usually through patterns of addictive behavior. Their energy is scattered everywhere and, much like buckshot, little if any of it hits the target. If we recognize these patterns and learn instead to cultivate our creative fire, then manifestation on every level is possible.

An integral key to manifesting is Receiving. We are part of an immense cycle, an ebb and flow of the Universe that involves everything and everyone. That cycle is a part of your very existence. Most of us learn to give but never learn to receive or are taught that receiving is selfish. Yet who are we to block the flow of the entire Universe? Energy goes out, and so it must return. If we only learn to give and never receive then we can manifest everything we want and it can be right in front of us and we'll never know it's there. It cannot exist in our version of reality. In addition, most people are creating unconsciously and in so doing their deepest fears and worries are brought forth into their lives for resolution.

Conscious creativity, the flow of creative energy and the ability to receive are what allow us to manifest what we truly desire. Here are some simple steps to transform your creative manifestation process.

Open ~ Be open to the potentials and possibilities, open to the creative force of the Universe. We are the energy of the Universe, recognize your greatness, your power. Open the energy channels of your body to accept the flow of Creation.

Align ~ Be very clear about what you want to create, remember the details, be specific. As the energies flow through you make sure that your thoughts, your feeling and your actions are all aligned toward the same goal.

Gather/Hold ~ Allow the energies to accumulate without dispersing them. Breathe steadily and deeply as a continuous breath. Let the energies build while holding the vision of what you want to create in your mind's eye and experience what the creation made manifest will feel like.

Focus/Direct ~ Concentrate your intention, you can do this through meditation, ritual, being in a calm peaceful state. Continue to feel and fill the creation energies until you are a cup running over.

Release/Create ~ Let the energy go/flow -- it may leave you like a rocket, it may be a wave or just a sense of completion or peace. When you let your manifestation go, let it completely go, no holding back or doubt.

Know/Trust ~ No backtracking, once the seed is planted don't go back and dig it up to see if it's sprouting. Walk away, go on about your business and trust that all is well.

Receive ~ Be open to the potentials and possibilities -- we begin and end in the same place because creation, manifesting and receiving are a cycle, it is something that we do in every instant of of our existence. The more we open to receive the more open we are period, which then allows the process of conscious creation to become a natural constant in the fabric of our lives.

Our challenge is to bring our ability to create to our conscious awareness and then use it with that same awareness. You will get what you ask for/manifest and it may not look like what you expect. Why limit creation by allowing your mind to think that something can only be one way? Create the opening for unlimited possibilities, for quantum creation, for miracle manifestation. It is your birthright, it is your true nature, we are creators and manifesters of the highest order. Recognize the synchronicity in your life and manifest your dreams!


Copyright 2005 Rachel Ginther/Garden of One