The following is an interview printed in the Spring 2001 issue of New Visions Magazine.
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Garden of One's Vibrational Essences: Interview with Rachel Ginther

In our continuing effort to showcase the breadth of healing modalities available in the Greater Capital District and the Berkshires, this issue we introduce you to Rachel Ginther, founder of Garden of One. Garden of One is an organization "dedicated to the blooming or flowering of each individual soul/consciousness; to activate and expand one's full potential and unique Sacred Mission in Life, through Education, Consultation and Transformational Products." As Rachel tells the story, "I used to see 40 people a week doing body work and energy work and one day I decided, in my infinite wisdom (tongue-in-cheek!) that I was ready to do world service. So I made this pronouncement to the Universe: 'I'm ready to do world service - use me'; except I have a few rules. They were: that whatever I was going to do needed to cross all racial, cultural and language barriers, couldn't leave anybody out, and had to work whether people knew what it was or not. I thought I was going to teach a seminar or something, and then, a month or so later, I started to make flower essences. About a year later, after I completed the first 49 essences, I realized they embodied everything I had asked for, and I laughed for at least a week!" We sat down recently and talked about her work and vibrational essences. This is a portion of that conversation. - CGA

NV: Let's talk about what vibrational essences are and how they work. The flower essences are essentially vibrational essences. People tend to know those, but the things you are creating are a little different.

RG: I guess I'll start with what they aren't. Aromatherapy, that is the physical essence of the plant, while a flower or vibrational essence is the spiritual essence, the energetic essence, of the plant. An essence is the vibrational pattern of whatever; it can be a crystal, it can be a rock, it can be a plant. Flower essences were traditionally made by floating flowers in a bowl of springwater in sunlight. Sunlight acts like a conductor that inbues the energetic properties or the sine-wave signature of the plant or flower into the water, the water is the carrier, and it is usually preserved with alcohol. When I started to make essences I decided to use something else because there are so many people that are allergic to alcohol. I had a tremendous amount of success with clearing patterns from people in doing energy work using essences, not necessarily even internally, but using them externally. I developed a whole system of using essences. I would be working on someone and I would hear "2 drops under the right armpit" or "3 drops in the belly button." I had a client who got migraine headaches. Usually it took her days to get rid of them. I put her on the table and used the essences and in 20 minutes it was gone. So, energetically the essences work very quickly. And when you work at an energy level you can change anything When I studied my first level of Reiki was when I realized that. Now I have to preface this by saying that when I was very young I always had nosebleeds. They would last hours. I had to have my nose cauterized, burned shut, because it would not stop bleeding. Hours and hours, and I would have bruises all over. They decided I had a Vitamin C and K deficiency. That helped to a certain extent, but I could never blow my nose. Every day I would have a nosebleed, if I bent over the wrong way, it would just start bleeding. So I went through my first level of Reiki, my teacher asked if I had any major physical problems. I said, "Well, no," because when you have something your whole life you don't think about it.

NV: Then it's normal to you.

RG: It's not separate from you, it's part of you. So I said to her, "Well, I do have this platelet bleeding disorder," as it was finally diagnosed. So she said, "How would a child describe it?" "Well, the platelets get all confused, they don't know what to do, so they don't work together to form clots." So she said, "OK, did you have anything unusual happen when you were born?" "Well, my mother did tell me that firemen came through the delivery room." "Firemen came through the delivery room!" - That was the first time I ever heard her lose her cool. She was a nurse - she said they have corridors for people like that - they don't just go through the delivery room. "How do you think she was feeling when the firemen went through the delivery room?" "She was probably confused and scared and didn't know what to do." And I stopped, because I realized how much this sounded like my blood disorder. And so I realized that the energy that was in the room when I was being born I took on as being about me, although it had nothing to do with me.

NV: But as children so often do...

RG: But by taking that on I translated that into one of the systemic systems of my body, which was my circulatory system. Blood is about the flow of joy in your life. We did some breathing and I released it and from that moment on I had no nosebleeds, no bruising, it totally changed. I realized at that point that when you find the root or whatever is holding, the unconscious process that's holding something in place, and you release that, you can change the physical body.

NV: What an amazing introduction to what energy work is about!

RG: I think definitely it was meant to get my attention.

NV: And this is not about taking a pill. Your body has the answers.

RG: Absolutely, everything is inside. Most people live their lives based on other people's expectations, based on what society thinks they should be doing, everything but who and what they really are. And they are so out of touch with that there is no possible way for them to create what they want in the world because they have no idea who they are. So essences, basically, have an energy pattern. We are energy patterns; we are holograms. We are layers of energy patterns that when merged together form what we perceive as the physical body. But each layer of the energy field has a geometric pattern. The essences themselves are geometric patterns and so they key into the patterns in the energy field and they either complete a pattern that allows us to move on to another level, or they act like a key in a lock in a door that open us up to other levels and aspects of ourselves. So, how do they do that? When you make an essence you're taking the sine-wave signature or the energy pattern. Each thing has a unique energy pattern. So each flower has a pattern and what we're doing when we make an essence is to tap into not only the pattern but also into the Divine Intelligence, the Divine essence of the flower itself, which is the same as the Divine essence within yourself, so you connect with the Divine within all things, with your intention you merge Divine essence and energetic essence and you imbue it into the water. As I was saying before, most people use alcohol, I use something called atomodine, which is an Edgar Cayce formula of atomic iodine. Not the iodine found in shellfish, and so, I haven't found anybody that is allergic to it.

NV: OK, so now you've taken the essences and not only created single essences, but you've created blends of those essences in various forms.

RG: We should say that essences are about releasing the unconscious patterns that keep us doing the things that we mentally or intellectually know are not working for us, but we keep repeating because they are worked into our energetic system. And the essences release us from the need to repeat the patterns. They release at the root level, because they are made of the basic essence of creation and have their own intelligence. They know where to go. That's why we use kinesiology to get your mind out of the way, to figure out what you need. I started mixing the essences with waters from sacred sites and then aromatherapy and creating mysts because not everyone is comfortable taking things internally. But I also felt that the essences work from the inside out, and the mysts and oils and the baths and other things that are created with the essences work from the outside in. And the idea is, as above so below. Working one way is fine, but it is more effective when you work in both directions.

NV: We should step back and describe what applied kinesiology is.

RG: Well, kinesiology is a way of muscle testing the electrical system of the body to determine what is beneficial or what is in alignment with your energetic system at any particular time.

NV: It bypasses your brain?

RG: It bypasses the intellect, our perception of ourselves.

NV: So it's a way of getting to your inner knowing.

RG: Exactly. We have so many layers of what we think we're supposed to be, living up to the part of yourself that says, "You can eat anything", but you know that if you eat jalapena peppers you're going to be miserable, but you have this belief about yourself that you should be able to eat anything so you do it anyway, even though you're body is telling you "No, no, don't do it!"

NV: I've spent a little time working on that!

RG: That's a big thing in this culture. The applied kinesiology is a way of self-empowerment, because you do it for yourself. A lot of people who do kinesiology will have you hold a bottle or something they want to test to see if it's compatible with your system, and you hold your arm out and they press down to see if your body "holds strong" - usually that's a yes, if this is something that's good, or completes or holds the electrical circuit strong in your body. That's great, but you usually don't have people who are going to follow you around your whole life pressing your arm down!

NV: That doesn't really work.

RG: Right, no! So you hold the bottle in both hands and you stand, making sure you don't have your knees locked. The key part is, you ask a question. It needs to be a yes/no question, but the clearer the question is, the better a response you'll get. "Is this good for me?" That's a good question, but it's fairly broad. So the more refined we can make our question the better. I also suggest to people that they look at the recurring patterns in their lives. So it can be a pattern of always doing for other people before yourself, and you will see it recurring in different aspects of your life. That may be an issue of receiving, like we were talking about before. But when you start to look at the patterns, that will take you to the root of what you are holding in your own consciousness that is not allowing you to move forward.

NV: So a good question to ask would be, "Would this assist my ability to release the things that are keeping me from moving forward?" as opposed to "Is this good for my body?"

RG: Exactly. Well, we talked about the mysts. Everything about them is significant. The color, the symbols that are on the bottles, some have crystals in them, they have vibrational essences and they have aromatherapy. They are designed to activate people on different levels, because people are sensitive in different ways. Some people are sensitive to sound, some people are visually sensitive, so they are going to pick up on the color of the label, or the symbols, and they will activate in their consciousness. And they release patterns. If you take a before-and-after picture with an aura imaging camera you can see the changes between what you start out with and how it changes, how it shifts.

NV: That would be a great thing to do at the Mind-Body-Spirit Expo!

RG: It's also interesting when you watch people after they've been sprayed. I've done this in groups and their faces change. Sometimes people aren't "behind their eyes", usually when they're not grounded, and all of a sudden they'll be present, they'll be in their bodies because it clears the way, makes it safe.

NV: Tell me about the new things you're making.

RG: The Rainbow Wash - it's part of a new series of things that I'm doing now. In ChiGong when you get to the final level of healing, when you're doing energy work internally you wash the interior of the body with rainbow light. The idea is that it resets and balances everything in the energetic systems. It's like washing the bone marrow with the rainbow light. So the idea of this is that you're using the Rainbow Wash externally to wash, while you're doing the visualization of washing internally with the rainbow. So it's that "as above, so below," working inside and outside at the same time. But it was a seven times seven. Seven colors, it's going to be in a clear bottle: the seven colors come together to form white or clear; 7 herbs and spices, 7 essential oils, 7 crystals, 7 essences, 7 symbols and 7 intentions. So there are 7 elements to each part of it. And this is going to go with a bath that I think will be called AIM. It's a bath that you do every day for a month. There's going to be one that's general and then there will be one that is specifically formulated for the person. Like the idea between a regular myst and a custom myst; the idea being that it's 3 x 10. It's 3 for the three-fold nature of humankind releasing things, body-mind-spirit, the three different aspects of looking at things, and the 10 days was 1 for new beginnings and 0 for completion or the totality. So it's basically resetting all three levels of your sphere of influence in the world.

NV: That's an amazing concept!

RG: You're totally resetting your whole programming and your whole outlook on life. So the Rainbow Wash is actually part of that. You use half the bottle before you start your first bath and half the bottle after you finish your last bath, after the 30 days.

NV: So the first sets it in motion and the second resets the energy.

RG: Yes, it sandwiches it - it balances the system before you start, whereever you are, it balances it there, and then after you've done all the resetting and recalibrating, literally, it resets it, locks it in at the other end. So it's for people who are ready to make that shift. It's interesting, with Reiki there is a 21 day cleanse, so a 30 day one was different and interesting to me.

NV: So will there be any other products or just these two that hinge together, or are there others in that series?

RG: Oh, I'm sure! I haven't quite gotten the information for the rest of it, but yes, I think so. Because this is very much about AIM - Awareness, Interrelatedness and Mastery of Self. It was very much about us taking responsibility for the choices we are making and really understanding ourselves at a deep level so we can create what we want in the world. And that's what everything is related to, that's why the Dragonfly Essences to release the illusions, because you can't understand yourself if you're operating under illusion. Then the Butterfly Essences will be next, which is about second birthing, that's what I've been told. It's like activating the Christed consciousness within each person.

NV: So they all build on each other.

RG: And they all interlock and interweave. People do things in different orders. So there are tools that are available and it doesn't have to be done in any particular order. Like the Transformational Baths, which are Knowing, Loving and Accepting the Self and then you can Transform. Sometimes you start to love something about yourself before you really understand it, and you might not accept it, you might do them in different orders. It doesn't matter.

NV: It's the act of doing.

RG: And the energy. Energy follows intent. So when it is your intention to make something different or to come to another awareness, then every opportunity is presented to you in order to make that available to you.

NV: As long as you're paying attention!

RG: Then there's another one - being open to receive. We always talk about manifesting, but unless you're open to receive, you can be manifesting and it will be right in front of you, but you can't tell it's there.

NV: Receiving is a step that for some of us is very hard.

RG: The whole Garden of One thing is,"Are you Ready to Bloom?" Everything is inside you that you need; the huge oak tree is inherent in the tiny little acorn. And so it is with us; we have everything we need inside us, we just have to get out of our own way!

Garden of One is located in Medusa, NY on 100 acres with a labyrinth and sweatlodge, and hosts retreats and workshops. For information about the facility, Rachel's products or workshops, see or call 518-239-8428.