It's been said that change is the only constant in life... and so why are we so afraid of it? It's the one consistent thing we can count on, the opportunity to start again, to make things different and yet what could be a seen and experienced as a fantastic opportunity or adventure is met with denial and fear.

Why do we fear? We fear because we cannot control, because we appear to have little or no influence on the events happening around us, because we do not know our power and how our every thought, feeling and action creates our world around us.

We are energy. Atoms and molecules exchanging with all the other energies around us. When energy is formed into patterns and overlapped it creates or manifests objects, people and other things that are "physical". Everything we experience creates a pattern that we hold in our energy field and that pattern either enhances the flow of energy through our system or it inhibits that flow. So the experiences that we have and the patterns that we hold mold the interaction we have within our world and the behaviors we exhibit. When we have an experience that changes how we feel about ourselves or our world it creates a shift in our awareness. Now we already have a pattern in place that is directing the flow of energy through our system so what happens with our new awareness? Conflict. We know the world isn't necessarily what we believed it to be, we know that things are different and we aren't bound by those beliefs anymore and yet we still do the same behaviors as before and they no longer work for us. So how do we change the energy patterns? Awareness is the first step. Becoming aware of when the behavior occurs and what triggers it. Second, separate out any emotional response the behaviors produce. Recognize that your behaviors are not who you are and that you have the power to change them. Third, take action to change the behavior, there are many ways to do this. So you decide it's time to change the pattern. First the awareness of when you say it -- what are the circumstances, is it always with the same people, similar conditions etc. Often it's helpful at this point to have some help recognizing when you say this phrase -- sometimes it's a pattern that's so ingrained within us we hold it unconsciously and aren't even aware when we say it. Involve your family and friends, have a key word or phrase that they say to you when you do the behavior - for example... Maybe you always apologize "I'm sorry", and you realize that this behavior stems from feelings of unworthiness you had as a child. Every time you say "I'm sorry" by rote you are reinforcing the energy pattern of that unworthiness. So if those around you that are willing to help you with your changes can remind you when you say "I'm sorry" with "You don't have to apologize" or "It's ok" "Boogie Man" anything that will remind you to be aware of your behavior in a positively motivating way. See then what emotions the behavior brings up when you bring it to awareness -- it could be shame, embarrassment, anger, fear or any number of other emotions. Separate yourself from the emotion. E-motion, energy in motion, it's just a way to move energy through your system. First always is thought (whether it be conscious or unconscious), then we have a feeling or series of feelings, and we take an action (or not). So recognize that the energy you feel in response to the emotion is moving through you, it doesn't have to rule you or define you. Now it's time to take action. You've recognized the behavior, taken the energy charge out of it by not getting involved with it emotionally and now it's time to make changes. We could focus on the behavior and try to make changes through that venue and it's much like focusing on the symptom of a disease. We can treat the symptom but until we get to the underlying layer of why it exists were just putting a bandaid on a much large issue. We want to get to the root of the energy pattern and release the pattern not just the symptom or behavior. There are many ways to deal with the root of the pattern, since it's an energy pattern using various energy modalities is usually the most effective way. Hands on energy work (Reiki, Energy Balancing, Seichim, Ama Deus and more) is very effective, Flower/Vibrational Essences, Homeopathy, and Ritual designed to change patterns. Remember energy follows intent and ritual is designed to focus your intention.

Here's a Ritual that's used to make changes in the patterns of your energy field.


Write & Burn
(Third and Fourth Laws of Co-Creation)


To Release/Transmute
Make one handwritten copy


In the Name of I Am that I Am, I release this to the Universe to be transmuted by the Violet Flame and it is no longer mine.

Write the things you want to release/transmute - write this in terms of your conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and actions to release the issue/pattern from this third dimensional reality and your energy system.

Let this be Transmuted Now!
Almighty I Am!
Almighty I Am!
Almighty I Am!

Sign and Date

Read aloud and BURN!


To Co-Create/Manifest
Make two handwritten copies


In the Name of I Am that I Am, I release this to the Universe to be manifest, maintained, fulfilled and sustained in Divine Perfect Co-Creation in alignment with all Universal, Natural and Cosmic Laws.

Write what you want to create in terms of thoughts, feelings and actions.

Let this be Manifest Now!
Almighty I Am!
Almighty I Am!
Almighty I Am!

Sign and Date

Read aloud and BURN one copy - keep the other copy in a place sacred to you.


Please be aware when doing this ritual that you can do it only for yourself. This is not about trying to change anyone else. There is a wonderful axiom in psychology -- we can't change anyone else, we can only change ourselves and other people change in relationship to us. Also, pay attention when you do the Write & Burn -- does anything unusual happen, does the paper burn easily, is it very smoky, hard to light etc. all these physical anomalies will give you clues into your subconscious process. If you have a hard time getting the Release Write & Burn to burn, maybe it takes a couple of matches, or there are certain pieces that don't want to burn (and do make sure the whole thing burns), strengthen your resolve and again state out loud that you really do want to release what you have written down. And the lack of burning might be an indicator to you to check very carefully what you've written down to be released, maybe there's something in there that isn't quite the wording that you need to release that issue. Remember you will get what you ask for so be very careful about how you ask. Often what we ask for manifests in way we don't necessarily expect. So be open to your own creation, it's a beautiful thing.


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