The following is an article printed in the Summer 2001 issue of New Visions Magazine.
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Earth Healing ~ Releasing Illusion

At the turning of the year 2000, I was given a mission of opening, of transmutation of Self and all that encompasses... Spring Equinox marked the activation, the beginning of a whole new energy and vision of the world.... the merging of the Goddess and Priestess Energy - a reclamation of the Divine Feminine for all people on this planet. Over the months between January and March there was much cleansing and releasing occurring - I asked two friends to join this endeavor and we all went through our processes.... For the last ten or so years I have been called to various places on the earth to do "Earth Healing", energy work aligning the grid patterns of the earth's energy field and the human energy field (you can also work the human energy field aligning it with the planetary -- as above so below). I would hear a time, a date, a place to be - always there were others that arrived to these areas having also been called. I never had to prepare for any of these events the way I was instructed to prepare my body, mind and spirit for the Spring Equinox of 2000. A few weeks before the Equinox, I was shown a ritual, a consecration, that was to take place in the Chartres Labyrinth that is laid out in the meadow here at Garden of One in Medusa, NY. The ritual involved the labyrinth and the opening of a portal, an energy vortex, through it's center. I was shown the labyrinth as a kind of combination lock that when walked in a certain way, in a certain pattern, would unlock a layer that would allow for energies to be released, merged and redirected. I spoke with a friend about this and we realized that this was part of a process happening around the globe and opening 12 portals on the surface and 1 portal, the thirteenth in the center of the earth. The number "13" is significant. We've been taught that it's the number of curses and "bad luck", of witches (which means "wise women"). The number 13 is intimately linked with the feminine, there are thirteen lunar cycles a year, the number 13 reduces to 4 which is the number of the material world, the square - matter, mater, mother - they are the same and she, our Mother Earth, sustains us. We always hear about the 12 - the twelve disciples, the twelve months of the year etc - but there is also the collective, the thirteenth, the totality.... These portals are connected to 13 "stargates", 13 cosmic systems from which we draw energy, wisdom, love and light - these are the reflection in the cosmos of what is happening on our planet. I was shown that there are thirteen layers to the planetary energy field that correspond to the thirteen primary layers of the human energy system (the 2nd layer of our energy field has to do with our emotions, the 2nd layer of the planetary energy field has to do with the weather - so we affect the weather as much as the weather affects us). Each layer of the energy field has to do with a different illusion - each year from the year 2000 through the year 2012 will be about releasing a single illusion. The year 2000 was about releasing the Illusion of Separation.... 2001 is about releasing the Illusion of Lack. The last illusion to be released in 2012 is the Illusion of Time and Death, the timing of this corresponds to the ending of the Mayan calendar. The Mayan Calender ends because time, as we now perceive it, will no longer exist. So as each layer of the planetary energy field is activated it is moved into alignment with the layers that have already been activated. When the last one is in place it creates a large portal, the earth "moves through it", and we create a world out of time. When I first saw the Garden of One (which is a name for the Earth) it appeared to me as the earth surrounded by light. It then cracked open, light streaming forth from inside it and then flowers tumbled out. It is time, it the the time of our flowering or our blooming into who we really are and what our lives and our life on this planet Gaia are about.

So why this reclaiming of the Feminine? How might we experience these shifts in energy, this releasing of illusion? Look at our world, what is happening upon her? For the most part we find societies and individuals that want to control or subjugate nature to their will or to ignore the consequences of their actions or lack thereof with regard to the natural world (pollution, etc). What is the Earth but a total embodiment of the Feminine Principle -- totally receptive, totally sustaining and nurturing. She is the Great Healer of All allowing us to release into her, on so many levels, our "stuff", and allowing us to learn about ourselves. So what is the fear of the Feminine -- it holds great power, unknowable, unpredictable, by logical means -- the only way to understand and know the Feminine is through the heart. When the Goddess and Priestess energies merge we blend the feminine archetypes with the actuals -- we release illusion, we create a strong united feminine force that calls out to her male counterpart to join with her, to bring balance to this world and beyond. We cannot simply be male or female, we must embody both for this world to come into balance and alignment, to release the illusion and move to the next level of evolution. Changes in planetary energy will affect all areas and aspects of our lives. Brainwave activity (the brain is an electro-chemical-magnetic-energetic system), suddenly you can't add, can't remember words or link ideas and explanations. It's almost as if the two halves of your brain are separated - sometimes things need to be separated in order to weed out what doesn't belong, then they can be brought into union. And you may have brilliant flashes of knowing -- knowing yourself, knowing others, understanding how and why things are occurring - understanding the underlying process of spirit. Your eating habits may change. You may find you don't want or cannot eat the food you have been accustomed to eating... you may not be able to digest certain foods or have intense cravings for other types. Your relationships will change -- people you have know for years you may have nothing to say to and new people will emerge and slip easily into your life. You may experience awarenesses and insights into questions you've been pondering for years - you just "get it". You may find the world in general to be more open to alternative ideas and ways of living on the earth, you also may find, in certain ways, that there is seemingly more judgement. What is happening is that the world is polarizing. When you set an intention (or open a portal) it creates a place to anchor energy... other energies, people, situations will then find their place in relationship to that anchor. This can create a polarity depending on the openness and flexibility of each individual and because we are living in a world of duality. You may find yourself having more extreme swings in emotion, energy levels, mental capacity - all part of the polarizing effect. You may feel very compelled to change -- your house, your job, most likely every aspect of your life will be affected, to a greater or lesser degree - part of this will be linked to the astrological configurations in your birth chart.

Vibrational Essences, Dragonfly Essences, have been created that hold the energy pattern that will allow us to release what is false, to see truly, to exist without illusion. The thirteen illusions and their balancing counterparts are:

Separation -- Union
Lack -- Abundance
Fear -- Peace
Bondage -- Freedom
Sacrifice -- Innocence
Obligation/Duty -- Willingness
Punishment -- Mercy
Pain -- Gentleness
Perfection -- Flexibility
Power -- Inner Strength
Permanence -- Change
The Unknown -- Known
Time/Death -- Infinity

So the reclaiming of the feminine is about honoring your own sensitivity and inner knowing and not controlling the earth or making any aspects of the feminine principle anything other than what it is.... Walking together in balance. Know that as you release illusion from your life, as you learn to know, love and accept yourself you will be transformed and in your transformation you open the doorway for all.